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Pioneer user manual - Page 60

14 Additional information Message OC ERR 1 OC ERR 2 OVER TEMP Description • Check whether the speaker cables are short-circuited. If the error message continues to be displayed, contact your Pioneer authorized service center or your dealer for servicing. • Try lowering the volume. If this problem is not fixed by removing and inserting the power cable, this unit may be damaged. In such an event, please contact a Pioneerauthorized service center or your nearest dealer. • Power consumption by Bluetooth ADAPTER is too high to supply the power. Reconnect the Bluetooth ADAPTER. • Indicator is lit for two seconds if the listening mode is changed while HDMI audio mode is set for TV. BT ERR TV AUDIO CANNOT TRAYLOCK KEYLOCK PHONESIN HDMI ERR USB ERR EEP ERR EXIT • Operation is prohibited because DVD/CD or USB isn’t selected. • Appears when DVD/CD is not selected and SHIFT+USB REC is pressed. • The tray lock is on. See General in Troubleshooting on page 56. • The key lock is enabled. See Setting the sleep timer on page 50. • An operation is prohibited because the headphones are connected. • See HDMI connection above for troubleshooting tips. See also Resetting the HDMI connection on page 44 if the problem persists. • See Important in Using the USB interface on page 32 for more on this. • Contact your Pioneer authorized service center or your dealer for servicing. • Appears when any prohibited signal is input or the headphones are connected while the menu screen is displayed, and then the display returns to the normal display. Resetting the system Use the front panel controls to reset all system settings to the factory default. 1 With the system on, press SHIFT+SETUP. Using the language code list Some of the language options (see Language settings on page 39) allow you to set your preferred language from any of the 136 languages in the Language code list below. 1 Select ‘Other Language’. 2 Use / to select either a code letter or a code number. 3 Use / to select a code letter or a code number. See the Language code list below for a complete list of languages and codes. 2 Use / to select INITIAL then press ENTER. 3 Use / to select ALL INIT then press ENTER. • INIT OK is displayed. 4 Press ENTER while INIT OK is blinking.1 Note 1 Do not operate the unit without reason or pull the power cord because the system’s power automatically turns on. 60 En

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